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70+ countries. 32 teams.

1 global event. Are you ready?

The NBA’s first-ever global youth basketball tournament.

Gail’s House Incorporated’s youth basketball team, The Palm Bay Predators, has been selected from hundreds of potential organizations from around the world to participate in the first ever Jr. NBA World Championship—only 16 international teams and 16 domestic teams were chosen. The Jr. NBA World Championship is an age-based tournament for boys and girls 14 years old and under. We allow marginalized and underrepresented youth to join on our team FREE of charge and we then participate within PAL and city leagues. In addition to participating in an organized sport, we focus on each child learning team building and leadership skills, sportsmanship, and—most importantly—they are active which promoted physical health. Cheer these amazing young men on as they compete in this once-in-a-lifetime event!

June 1, 2018 - Spartanburg, SC

August 2018 - Orlando, FL



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